19 WCRR Performance #3 Standings

Standings for the 1st Performance of the 2nd Go Round


*Not including averages

Ranch Bronc Riding

Jolly/Lord with Jesse Jolly blew it up tonight in the arena, and with style, ending with an 80-point ride. a 78 for Wilson/T 4 and a 77 for Crutch.

Team Stray Gathering

The best of the night went to Slash B/Dagger Draw. Those boys came to work tonight and turned in a 59:75. Behind them 60:44 for Lonesome Pine and a 68:15 for Zibell/Chambers C.

Team Penning

Jolly/Lord, boy, they really came to the rodeo tonight! They not only finish on top of the Bronc Riding, but they turned in a smoking hot 37:70 in the Penning. That’ll be tough to beat. They’re followed by 58:31 for the Florida team, SMR/Deseret, and a 60:20 for Crutch.

Wild Cow Milking

Once again, it was an incredibly competitive Wild Cow Milking. Zibell/Chambers C turned in a lightning quick 35:28. They were followed by a 43:89 for Scribner, and 44:19 for Buford/Craig County.

Calf Branding

There were a lot of teams putting in very fast rounds in tonight’s Calf Branding. But on top stands an incredible 33:72 from Lonesome Pine! Wow! Behind them, 40:65 from Stock/Diamond E and 41:59 for Beachner.

***All results are unofficial