2013 Eastern Wyoming Ranch Rodeo (Official Results)

2013 Eastern Wyoming Ranch Rodeo Results
Lusk, Wyoming | September 14, 2013

Congratulations to the winning Ranch Team – Four Three Land & Cattle & FX Bar

JD Williams, Boe Kottwitz, Clay Ashurst, Frank Thompson, Clayton Williams, Chris Laucomer

Second Place Ranch Team – S Ranch

KC Verhelst, Kelly Holmquist, Bode Scott, Sarah Verhelst, Ed Verhelst

Third Place Ranch Team – Crossroads Ranch & Higg Ranch

Jarryd Burris, Bryce Barnes, Caleb Widener, Jared Fraze, Megan Burris, Michael Wade Jordan

Fourth Place Ranch Team – Rex Ranch & Epp Cattle Co.

Kory Mack, Tim McAbee, Levi Swafford, Daniel Dalton, Riggin Epp, Brian Epp

Fifth Place Ranch Team – Y Six Livestock

Wade Kramer, Shane Gorwill, Jessie Hefner, Brent Neal, Jamie Gorwill, Heather Kramer

Top Horse – Ridden by Jarryd Burris

Crossroads Ranch & Higg Ranch

Top Hand – Andrew Wasserberger

Bootheel 7 Livestock & Hageman Ranc


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  1. GO WYO!!! 4-3 Ranch and FX Ranch :I’m heading to Amarillo by morning to watch you show your cowboy style.

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