Thursday Night - First Round of the First Go Round

Thursday Night – First Performance of the First Go-Round – 20th WCRR

2015 World Championship Ranch Rodeo RANCH BRONC RIDING Johnson Ranches -- 0 Lazy B Ranch -- 75 Jolly Ranch & Lord Ranch -- 73 Buford Ranches – Osage Co. -- 68 Spires Land and Cattle -- 68 Silver Spur – Headquarter Division -- 0 JO Bar Ranch & Hatchet Ranch -- 82 Stock Ranch & ... … Read More

Cow Kicked! See the Hardluck Cowboy In Action – 19th WCRR

Full Video Jeff Wayland takes a wild cow kick and keeps on a'goin! Davison and Sons Cattle Co. took to the Wild Cow Milking Friday night, November 7th, 2014. The boys got in more than they expected. Jeff Wayland was attempting to get the bottle under the hood when the cow didn't take kindly. ... … Read More

WRCA Staff Get Iced – #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Where it started First, Kaycee was challenged by Clayton Zibell. So, what did Kaycee do? She went off and challenged darn near the entire office staff! In all seriousness, we'd like to bring awareness to ALS, a truly horrible disease. We hope and pray for anyone who has been affected by it. Thanks to all who are partici... … Read More

WRCF: The Benevolent Work (Video)

The Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation exists to provide support in the form of scholarships and crisis funds to the working ranch cowboy and his family. In this video, see examples and stories for more. Featuring Randy Whipple, Robert and Lisa Langford, Bob Moorhouse, JD Williams and music by Adrian Buckaroogirl. … Read More

New Rodeo Excitement for 2014 – Mark Bukowski

Hear about new rodeo events for the upcoming year at the WRCA from Mark Bukowski, Vice President. … Read More

Year Wrap-Up and 2014 Preview

WRCA Board President, Randy Norris, gives a report from 2013 action at the WRCA and a look ahead at what's in store for 2014, including new rodeo events, in this video. … Read More

Gary Morton Discusses Rodeo Rules

One of the things we've discussed recently in our board meetings is the fact that we know other contestants sometimes ask about having all event rules the same in every sanctioned rodeo. We've never required all our rodeos to have the event rules. We do provide them and recommend them. But, we don't require sanctioned ... … Read More

WATCH: Tyler Rice’s 83 Point Bronc Ride

… Read More

Day 2 – Video Recap w/ Randy Lewis

18th World Championship Ranch Rodeo Scores and Event Leaders   … Read More

First-Hand Atlas Blizzard Tragedy Experience

Join WRCF in Efforts to Help the Atlas Blizzard Area The Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation is responsive to the needs of the ranching community, and one of the most dire needs in recent months has been the Atlas blizzard that struck the western one-third of South Dakota, as well as parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. WRCF has ... … Read More