Photos, Stories and Scores From Performance #1 (18th WCRR)

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Gideon Peterson of the Slash B Livestock & Dagger Draw Ranch team rides Water Dually in the stray gathering on Thursday night. His team logged a time of :110.09. Mark Voss on board Spoonful Of Batter sorts out the “0” numbered cattle during the team penning. He rides for Swenson Land and Cattle. Brian Peak of Lonesome Pine Ranch takes a fast lap around the team-penning pen Thursday night on HF Major Twister. They clocked the fastest time of the night at :34.8. Rodey Wilson of Wilson Cattle & T4 Cattle eases his cattle in the pen with the help of Tivio Enterprise, sired by Natural Enterprise. Kelly Spears of Angell Ranch Co. made a loud thump as he met the B&W Trailer Hitches banner on Thursday night, pushed by the mass of a wild cow. He did walk away from the encounter, seemingly unscathed. Team members from the Driver Land and Cattle Co. put a stop on their wild cow Thursday night. Doug Hall and Badger Jamey get a nice loop settled around the neck of their wild cow for the Broken H Ranch & Stierwalt Ranch. Colton Daniel and Circle Bar Mr Pepto were riding hard in a number of events Thursday night, including the wild-cow milking. The World Championship Ranch Rodeo always pays tribute to military veterans, and this year was no exception. Flags were presented for each of the branches of the service; the Navy flag is pictured here. The top hand from 2012 was Wes Bailey of the Arndt Ranch & Bailey Ranch team. That earned him the right to present the colors of the United States of America during the 2013 event. Tyler Bridges of Wilson Cattle & T4 Cattle scored a 75 on his Thursday-night bronc ride. Tyler Rice of Sandhill Cattle Co. earned the night’s high score of 83 on board “Betty White,” a bronc provided by the esteemed Harry Vold Rodeo Co.