2016 Ride for the Brand Championship Ranch Rodeo Results

Colorado Springs, CO | August 20, 2016

Winning Ranch Team – Beatty Canyon Ranch & Flying A Ranch

Brady Burnham, Arin Burnham, Travis Sheets, Kyle Hughes, Tyler Karney, Clay Forgey

Second Place Ranch Team – JOD Ranch & Brown Mill Ranch

Cash Chamberlain, Brock Chamberlain, Candie Chamberlain, Levi Leonard, Kenny Yoder

Third Place Ranch Team – Iron Springs Ranch & Welch Cattle

Gary Hall, Shane Campbell, Andy Welch, Bob Welch, Zane Ede, Austin Kuhn

Fourth Place Ranch Team – Four Three Land & Cattle & FX Bar

JD Williams, Clay Ashurst, Brad Lang, Jed Roark, Nolan Brott, Chris Laucomer

Fifth Place Ranch Team – Buck Creek Ranch & Patry Farms

Randy Peterson, Jared Whitcomb, Jason Klumpe, Sammy Jo Peterson, Josh Patry, Jason Gustafson

Top Hand – Brady Burnham

Beatty Canyon Ranch & Flying A Ranch

Top Horse – “SAN KAI 108”

Ridden by Clay Ashurst – Four Three Land & Cattle & FX Bar

Colorado Springs 3 Colorado Springs 2 Colorado Springs 4 Colorado Springs 2

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